Navigating help topics

You can browse help topics using the Help window or Help view. Which one you use is simply a matter of preference; the view is well integrated with the workbench and is good for quick help lookups. The Help window, on the other hand, has more real estate and may be preferable for longer reading.

Using the Help window

The Help window is a window separate from the workbench used exclusively for browsing, searching, and printing help. To open the window, select Help > Help Contents from the menu. This opens the help window with the Contents view visible, which shows the table of contents.

Help window

To navigate the Help window:

  1. Find the topic you want to read in the table of contents by clicking to expand the subtopics.
  2. Most topics provide a list of links to related topics at the bottom. Follow these links to learn more.
  3. Use the Go back Go Back and Go forward Go Forward buttons to navigate back and forth. These behave the same way as in Web browsers.
  4. Use the Home Home button to return to the help home page as shown above.

Maximizing help frames

The two main frames of the Help window can be maximized to take up the entire window. To maximize a frame, click the Maximize button Maximize button in the toolbar, or double click on the view's title header. To return the view to its original size, click the Restore button Restore button or double click the title header again.

Printing help

To print a topic from the Help window:

  1. Select the topic in the navigation frame.
  2. Click the Print button Print button in the Help toolbar.
  3. Select the desired printer settings, and click Print.

Using the Help view

The Help view provides the same features as the Help window, but in the same window as the workbench instead of a separate one.

Show in table of contents

While reading a topic, you can find out where the topic is located in the table of contents by clicking the Show in Table of Contents button Show in table of contents button in the toolbar. This will display the table of contents with the topic highlighted.

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