Help display settings

External browser

The Help system can be accessed in Help view, or separate Help window. The window can be the default window with an embedded browser, or a full external browser of your choice.

If the embedded browser is supported on your system, help will use it by default to display help. If you prefer to always use a full external browser, you may select this behavior in the command link Help preference page.

Help shown in external Web browser

Context-sensitive help

By default, context-sensitive help for workbench elements is displayed in the Help view, and context-sensitive help for dialogs is displayed in the dialog's tray, which is similar to the Help view.

Help view showing context-sensitive help

If you prefer to display context-sensitive help in infopops when working in the workbench, in dialogs or both, change the selection in the help preference page.

Context-sensitive help shown as an infopop

Displaying topics

A topic selected in the Help view can be displayed in place, in the Help view, or in the editor area. You can set this preference in the Help preference page. On some platforms, with no embedded browser, the topics will always be displayed in an external browser.

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