Function Point Modeler™
A New Generation Tool For Function Point Analysis And Software Estimation.

Function Point Modeler Enterprise™ is the only product on the market today that not only sizes software with Function Point Analysis or estimates software with COCOMO, but also manages all of the IT-Metrics (Project, Product and Process Metrics) of your company in a Software Life Cycle Experience Database (SLED). It is the best Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) tool based on Function Point Analysis.

Function Point Model in Function Point Modeler Export / Import From / To Use Case Model in IBM Rational Software Architect

Capers Jones : "I looked at Function Point Modeler Advanced Enterprise and think you have done a good job with it. I'm glad to help companies with interesting tools that support function point metrics. Since your tool is very interesting and I'm glad to recommend it as a professional courtesy.”

Function Point Modeler Enterprise™ includes the following modules (plug-ins) based on the Eclipse platform:

Function Point Modeler Software™ conforms to the IFPUG Counting Practices Manual ( Function Point Analysis CPM ) and is designed by Certified Function Point Specialists to meet all requirements in our daily tasks as Function Point Specialists,

Function Point Modeler Metrics Management Software™ gives you insight into the key process, project and product metrics within your company. It includes a extensive Software Life Cycle Experience Database to manage all IT-metrics,

Function Point Modeler COCOMO Software™ is a COCOMO estimation tool and conforms to COCOMO II, calibrates the COCOMO cost factors based on your own data ,

Function Point Modeler Report Designer Software™ is a powerful report designer tool that allows you to create very complex reports from the SLED to meet nearly all business requirements in your company,

Function Point Modeler™ is the first product to combine the Function Point Model with another models and exchanges its Function point Modele over XMI-API ( UseCase Model, Business Object Class Model and Data Model ),

Function Point Modeler™ is based on Eclipse the most popular open source platform. It can be run both a stand-alone application and a plug-in in any Eclipse application to interact with both the Eclipse platform and other UML-Modeling Tools,

Function Point Modeler™ includes a life-cycle management for elementary processes and application systems and tracks its functional changes, supports UML-Like Syntax and a lot of other features...

More about Function Point Modeler™ FPM White Paper (pdf) or FPM Redbook (pdf)

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The Function Point Modeler™ support team is there to help you should you ever have an unforeseen problem using Function Point Modeler™.

Function Point Modeler™ has the best defect and update management system built on the Eclipse platform.

Built on Eclipse
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Most of the UML Modeling tools are implemented on this platform, which enables smooth integration of Function Point Modeler™.
Eclipse enables multiple organizations to work together on this platform. The application on the Eclipse platform runs on Linux, Mac OS X and Windows-based systems.

IFPUG conform
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Function Point Modeler™ is a IFPUG CPM 4.x.x conform function point modeling tool.
Function Point Modeler™ includes formulas to calculate all three types of function point counts (development project, enhancement project, and application) according to CPM 4.x.x.